Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding Cake - 1 Year Later

I have to say that I had my doubts that a cake would last a year in the freezer and still taste edible, let alone good. Lucky for us, not only was it edible, it was DELICIOUS! I only had a small piece at the wedding so I was happy to get a whole piece all to myself.

The only thing I did to the cake was to place it on a paper plate, wrap it really well with plastic wrap, then wrap the whole thing with a lot of aluminum foil. We put it in the fridge for about 48 hours, then on the counter for about 3 hours before we ate it.

Lemon-Raspberry Swirl deliciousness


Kelly said...

The cake still looks perfect. Congrats on 1 year!

~Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary, I must say that yours is the first I've heard for successful first anniversary cake topper eats! Mine was way freezer burnt! And I even did the saran wrap and foil!!! But Congrats to you and your hubby!