Sunday, October 12, 2008

100th Post!

So this is my 100th blog post, pretty amazing! It's been over a year since I started and while I've had some slow periods, I've kept up with it pretty well. The best thing about this blog is that it inspires to try new recipes all the time so I have stuff to add! And once I've made something and blogged about it, I can easily access it to make it again and also can share it with friends.

In honor of my 100th post, I wanted to do my top 5 here they are in no particular order =)

1. Our first anniversary was this past July 14th, and we decided to have dinner in. Our steaks with gorgonzola and crab cakes were just as good as any restaurant, and we got to enjoy spending a quiet evening together.

2. I love entertaining and cooking for friends, and this recipe from my mom for Chicken Marbella was soooo good and great to make for company since all the prep is done the night before.

3. I love looking on other people's blogs for inspiration, and Elly's is a favorite. Her pasta with shrimp and goat cheese sauce is one of my favorite pasta dishes and inspired me to get creative with my own pastas and sauces.

4. Even though I only participated in Tuesday's with Dorie for a short time, her cookbook is full of amazing recipes. The Brown-Sugar Apple Cheesecake and La Palette's Strawberry Tart are two of my favorites!

5. I love to cook (obviously) and am excited that my friends also enjoy cooking. I am a part of 2 cooking clubs, one here in Tampa and the original group back in Orlando. My friends have contributed some great recipes that are featured on my blog...Karen's chicken lasagna, Jenn's tilapia (well, actually I guess it's Keith's!), and Kelly's chocolate eclair cake. And I can't forget my favorite inspiration and go-to person for the perfect recipe for anything, my mom! LOTS of recipes on this blog come from her, but this chicken salad is one of my favorites.

So I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my blog as much as I've enjoyed publishing it. Please leave comments when you visit, I love seeing who's been here and what they like!



Elly said...

Happy 100th! I am so flattered to be mentioned as part of your blogging experience :) Looking forward to another 100 from you!

MOM said...

Congratulations!!!! Happy 100
You are always inspiring!
Love Ya